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Promotional corporate products to increase your brand visibility and customer loyalty

Promotional products are one of the greatest opportunities for companies to make themselves known to the general public and build customer loyalty. They are customised corporate gifts that have the ability to leave current and potential customers with not only a reminder of your company's image, such as advertising via billboards, flyers and online, but also the chance to relive your brand every time the customer holds the promotional gadget you have given them in their hands.

Recent direct marketing studies have shown that Advertising Through Objects (PTO) has a greater capacity to engage customers. Advertising through customised gadgets in fact helps to give customers a more positive idea of the company, the perception of being pampered by the company and consequently their propensity to make a purchase or request a service will be higher. Besides strengthening the relationship with your customers, PTO can also help you indirectly acquire more customers when one of your customers uses one of your advertising gadgets. For example, when walking around with friends, on holiday or at work, wearing a T-shirt, backpack or bag customised with your logo, other people will see the gadget and appreciate its usefulness. Thanks to a gadget, the interested person will then notice your company and want to know more about it, with the likelihood that they will want to become your new customer.

Promotional products can also convey any kind of message that you want to associate with your brand: a slogan to go with your company logo that expresses your company's mission or a phrase that promotes a particular product or promotional event will have the power to convey a clear message to your customers about your company, its values and objectives.

Promotional products: who they are useful for and when they are useful

Promotional products are great advertising for companies. Whether you are a fledgling company that wants to make a name for itself in the market or an established business that wants to consolidate awareness of its brand identity among the public, in both cases you can choose customised company gadgets with a logo or slogan. You can also use them at particular times of the year, such as during the end-of-year festivities, or if you are present at trade fairs and events and want to be remembered by potential customers who are passing by, thank loyal customers and create the prerequisite for the retention of both groups. The more functional and beautifully designed promotional gadgets are, the happier customers will be to use them and to advertise you.

Promotional products are also ideal corporate gifts for your employees that simultaneously strengthen their sense of belonging to a work team, offer them gratification for the work they do, and make your brand visible with every use of the corporate gadget.

But promotional products are also very useful for non-profit organisations, sports associations, and professionals who want to create a long-term memory and bond with their public and customers. Even though we live in an era that now favours the digital, we still tend to keep objects that are part of our world of memories. Promotional gadgets have the ability to symbolise the emotion experienced through a brand or event and bring it back to mind. Consequently, customised gadgets that are given as gifts when attending an event, especially if they are useful and original gadgets, are appreciated, kept and used by customers.

What are the most popular corporate gadgets?

There is a really interesting variety of gadgets on the market. The list of items that can serve as promotional gadgets is very long. There are many items that lend themselves well as promotional gadgets with logos and slogans. From classic advertising gadgets (customised calendars and personalised diaries that are ideal corporate gifts at the end of the year, to be combined with accessories such as personalised pencils and pens) to innovative gadgets such as high-tech gadgets and ecological gadgets, via personalised bags and personalised clothing. Personalised paper bags remain a timeless classic, along with personalised plastic bags, for all companies and shops that want a personalised gadget to accompany every sale. Food gadgets, on the other hand, are a must for companies involved in the production, sale and home delivery of food and beverages.

How to choose the right promotional products

Choosing the most suitable company gadgets for one's advertising objective is a serious matter. Therefore, one cannot help but develop a strategy that goes beyond personal taste and takes several things into consideration:

  • choose the type of gadget according to the sector of your company and the occasion on which you want to distribute the promotional products

  • define a precise purpose for the gadgets: they must be strongly linked to the theme of the event, strongly connected to the products or services being promoted - if you want to promote a new one or want to push one in particular - or to the brand identity of the company itself - if, for example, you are opening a new business. They can accompany the sale of a product, such as the customised shopping bags in which you place it to hand it over to the customer, or the sale of a service, such as customised t-shirts or personalised water bottles that you can give to members of your fitness class at the gym or participants at a sporting event. You may prefer personalised pendrives if you operate in the IT world or personalised mugs if your business is drinks in a cup. In this way you put the customer in a position to remember, with each use of your customised gadgets, what you were promoting and what your business is.

  • choose gadgets that have a certain 'value': they must not only be useful so that they can be easily reused, they must have a good perceived value because this will help form a good perception of your brand in the customer.

  • choose good quality advertising products: the quality of the raw material used increases the value of the gadget and makes it able to stand the test of time and lend itself to longer reuse and visibility over time. This will help the customer to have a better opinion of your brand.

  • choose gadgets that are original but not too original: gadgets should be original as much as they can help the customer to easily associate them with your brand, but they should still be items that the customer easily knows how to use and that improve his or her routine. Green gadgets or 'eco-gadgets' are among the most original gadgets of the moment along with high-tech gadgets.

Why rely on Shop for Shop for customised promotional products

For your next successful advertising campaign, you must rely on partners who are able to help you achieve your goals. We at Shop for Shop are your ideal partner because:

  • we offer you an extensive catalogue of high-quality products that are easy to customise from small quantities, free quotes 

  • we offer you the possibility of printing your own graphics, logo or slogan on your gadgets according to your taste and if you need advice, our experts are available to help you

  • we offer you secure payment methods

  • we offer you our printing service (printing techniques used depending on the items to be customised: flexographic printing, screen printing, pad printing, hot foil stamping, offset printing) and fast, professional production, which takes place in our company, for orders of any quantity of pieces starting from a minimum quantity - necessary to cover the fixed costs of the equipment that would otherwise raise the cost of a single piece too high - at low prices

  • we offer you inexpensive, customised promotional products that none of our competitors can offer you. Within each of our categories you will find different types of accessories and different price ranges so that you can choose the gadgets to suit your budget which customised gadgets are right for you

  • we offer you a quality service in excellent timing both in Italy and abroad.

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