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Metal Pens

Metal Pens

Promotional metal pens

Pens with personalised logos by printing or engraving at consistently low prices. Many models and colours available from just a few pieces, with discounts applied to quantities purchased.

Personalised pens with logo

The pens with logo are effective advertising media: they contain the company's main information, i.e. logo, telephone and address. By distributing them, you can spread the logo widely and increase the visibility of your company. Personalised pens with logos are an inexpensive gadget that your customers can use on a daily basis, so they are a promotional item that lends itself well as a gift at an event or during the end-of-year holidays when you can give them away, perhaps combined with a personalised diary in the same way. Pens are also suitable as gifts for your employees who will promote your company's image in the office and wherever they use them: they are the easiest and cheapest way to get your logo into their hands! Whether you are a freelancer or the owner of a business, you will find personalised pens a great advertising medium.

ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Push-up biros in two-tone design with aluminium body, black details and silver rings. Blue refill. Dimensions cm ⌀ 0,9x13,4..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Aluminium pen with push-button mechanism. Rubberized finish, cork grip and metal clip. Blue ink pen. Dimensions: 14.1 x 1 Ø cm ..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Two-tone design push-up biros with aluminium body available in various colours, with silver-plated details and rings. With soft, comfortable grip. Blue refill. Dimensions cm ⌀ 0,8x13,5..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Aluminium biros with push-up mechanism. Jumbo refill. Dimensions cm 1,7x1x14,8..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Push-up biros in two-tone design, with smooth aluminium body and black details and rings. Jumbo cartridge and blue refill. Dimensions cm ⌀ 0,8x13,9..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Aluminium snap-in pen. Dimensions cm ⌀ 1x14..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Aluminium biros, metal clip..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Ballpoint pen with push-button mechanism. Aluminium barrel with rubberized finish and bamboo grip, metal clip. Dimensions: 14.1 x 1 Ø cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Pen with push mechanism, made of aluminium with matt rubberized finish. Specially designed for laser printing with logo display in silver tone. Silver clip, rings and tip. Available in various colours. Blue refill and jumbo cartridge. Dimensions ⌀ 1x13.9 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Aluminium pusch up pen with white trim and coloured details. Specially designed for laser printing with logo in the same colour as the pen details. Blue refill. Dimensions cm ⌀ 1,1x14,1..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Aluminium biros with polished finish. Chrome-plated details. Push-button mechanism, with jumbo cartridge and blue ink. Dimensions cm ⌀ 1x13,7..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Push-up biros in two-tone design, with smooth aluminium body and luminous varietals. Silver plated details and rings. Original silver clip and jumbo cartridge. Blue refill. Dimensions cm ⌀ 0,8x12,9..
Personalized Gift Pens Personalized gift pens with the company brand. Free shipping. ITEM DESCRIPTION: Ballpoint pen with push-up mechanism, two-tone design, with smooth die-cast aluminum body and. Original clip, rings and tip in silver color. Jumbo cartridge and blue refill...