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Jute Shopping Bags

Jute Shopping Bags

Customised Jute Bags

Customised jute bags from small quantities for shops and companies. Many models available from small quantities, always at economical prices and with free printing system costs.

Why choose customised jute bags

There are many reasons why you should choose jute bags from our catalogue:

  • their biodegradability and recyclability
  • they are also insulating
  • they tolerate moisture well
  • they are reusable countless times
  • they have a high tensile strength
  • they lend themselves to storing food, beauty products, clothing
  • they also lend themselves to becoming original and stylish beach bags
  • they are ideal in the decoration sector and for creating exclusive gift packaging
  • they can be reabsorbed by nature with zero impact on the environment once their use is finished
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Jute/cotton bag, natural-coloured body and medium-sized, coloured cotton handles. Resistance to 9 kg weight. Dimensions: 38x41 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: eco-friendly jute/cotton bag, with natural colour body and 52 cm medium handles in green. Stitched finish and resistance up to 9 kg weight. Dimensions: 38x42 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Bag manufactured in a durable combination of 240g/m2 jute body and cotton handles, all in natural tone. Stitched finish, with reinforced middle handles. Front pocket in cotton and resistance up to 6 kg. Dimensions 38x42 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Bag made of a durable combination of 240g/m2 jute body and natural tone cotton handles. Stitched finish, with reinforced middle handles. Available in a range of colours, with resistance up to 6 kg. Dimensions 38x42 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Laminated jute bag for 75 cl. bottles with transparent window, reinforced seams and handles. Size 10,5x10x35,5 cm..
ITEM DESCRIPTION: 220 g/m2 bottle bag made of cotton and laminated jute with short handles, gusset. Size 20x35x10 cm..
ITEM DESCRIPTION: 280 g/m2 jute and cotton bottle bag with rope handles Size 36 X 10 X 10 cm ..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Nature Line bottle bag made of natural cork, with transparent window on the front. Sewn finish and sturdy carrying handles. Dimensions 10x10x33 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: jute bag with pocket and cotton handles. Size 26 X 22 X 14 cm ..
Personalized Jute Bags Jute bags customized with the company logo. Free printing and shipping systems. ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: In Jute with handles and external pocket (18 x 15 cm) in 10 oz natural cotton. Size 35x37 cm..
Jute bags for bottles Jute bags for bottles personalised with the company logo. ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Made of jute with transparent window and bamboo handles (1 bottle). F.to cm 10,3x35x9,6..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Shopper in jute / cotton, with white handles in reinforced cotton. Edges with cotton piping, stitched finishes. Resistance up to 10 kg in weight. Dimensions: 38x16x42 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Mini jute bag with handles and coloured inserts. Dimensions 30 X 30 X 19 cm ..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Jute/cotton bag, with cotton front pocket. With long white reinforced cotton handles, gussets and stitched finish. Resistant to 10 kg weight. Dimensions: 48x15x35 cm..