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Custom Foldable Shopping Bags

Foldable Shopping Bags

Custom Foldable Shopping Bags: The Perfect Promotional Tool for Your Brand

Discover our wide range of custom foldable shopping bags, the ideal choice for combining practicality and brand promotion. Explore our various models and customize them with your design. Benefit from competitive prices and fast delivery!

Why Choose Our Custom Foldable Shopping Bags?

  • Affordability: We offer the most competitive prices online without compromising on quality.
  • Customization: Personalize your bags with your design or promotional message.
  • Eco-friendly: Our foldable bags are reusable, helping to reduce single-use plastic consumption.
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Foldable bag in 80 g/m2 heat-sealed non-woven fabric, short handles. Dimensions cm 36x40x10..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Folding bag in soft 190T polyester. Dimensions: 46x8x33 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Foldable non-woven bag 90 g/m2, with medium 56 cm handles, flap with matching buttons, reinforced gussets with piping and stitched finish. Resistant to 9 kg weight. Size 45x12x33 cm..
Personalised Foldable Shopping Bags Foldable shopping bags personalised with your company brand. ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: non-woven bag, velcro closure, long handles and stitched trim. Dimensions: cm 38x42 ca (open) cm 18x11 ca (closed) ATTENTION: multiple purchases of 100 pcs...
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Foldable non-woven bag 80 g/m2 with short 37 cm handles, matching velcro closure and stitched finish. Resistance to 8 kg weight. Dimensions: 38x42 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Non-woven bag, heat-sealed finish and with 40 cm medium reinforced handles. Small in size when folded, with a button closure for easy transport. Resistant to a weight of up to 7 kg. Dimensions: 38x42 cm..
Customised resealable bags Foldable bags personalised with logos or advertising slogans. ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: non-woven fabric bag that can be folded like a purse, plastic button closure, short handles, sewn finishing. Size cm 32x42x16 ca (open) cm 15x13 ca (closed) ATTENTION: multiple purcha..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Folding bag with gusset in heat-sealed non-woven fabric 80 g/m2, short handles. Dimensions 32x42x13 cm..
ITEM DESCRIPTION: Made of fluorescent polyester with long handles. Size 37x42 cm, handles 65 cm...
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Made of non-woven fabric, can be folded into a purse, front pocket with zip, closure with plastic button, long handles, stitched trim. Size cm 39x47,5 ca (open) 20x10,5 (closed) ATTENTION: multiple purchases of 100 pcs..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: 190T polyester bag, foldable with elastic, long handles. Size cm 38x42 ca ATTENTION: multiple purchases of 100 pcs..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Foldable non-woven bag 80 g / m2 with short 37 cm natural-coloured handles, natural-coloured Velcro closure and sewn edges. Resistance up to 8 kg weight. Dimensions: 36x8x40 cm..
ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: Foldable bag with cute fruit motifs, made of soft 190T polyester, with matching coloured drawstring and adjustment accessory. ATTENTION: contact us to choose the colour associated with the fruit. Dimensions: 40x38 cm..